Press release: Support for the project ALIA

Support for the project ALIA (Agile living in old age) promised district vice-president Lothar Höher and district councilor Martin Preuß during a visit to Weiherhammer. Prof. Dr. Erich Bauer, Chairman of the Board of the Lars and Christian Engel Foundation, and Project Manager David Rester explained the participative approach of the project, which aims to design a model for rural aging. The interlocutors agreed that there is a high demand for international nurses and that educational institutions are required here. The network idea was welcomed by ALIA, which aims to co-operate with actors in the care of the elderly, intergenerational initiatives and social institutions. This is the only way to gain a new understanding of how aging can succeed in new ways. The priorities of Bavarian politics – rural areas, care, digitization and education 4.0 – are presented in a forward-looking manner in ALIA.

ALIA mit Lothar Höher, Prof. Dr. Erich Bauer und David ResterFrom left to right: Prof. Dr. med. Erich Bauer, Martin Preuss, Dr. Ing. David Rester and Lothar Höher (Image: ÜBZO)



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With courage through the past – Agile community development in Weiherhammer

Weiherhammer is to become an “active, generation-friendly community where all citizens can grow old without fear and receive needs-based help when they need it.” This is how Mayor Ludwig Biller outlines the goals.

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Machine builder in a new light

When it comes to David Rester, the name “ALIA” is soon on everyone’s lips. Behind this is a model designed to combine care, education and local development. The initiators are old acquaintances, but in completely new territory.

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