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Oberpfalz: Bavaria invests in digitization

Bavaria invests in digitization. Today, the Council of Ministers has adopted a massive package to implement the €5.5 billion BAYERN DIGITAL II master plan. The Oberpfalz is also expected to benefit from this.

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Artificial intelligence in the Oberpfalz

Bavaria invests in the development and improvement of research for artificial intelligence. The Oberpfalz also benefits from this in Weiherhammer

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Bavaria becomes leader in artificial intelligence

Bavaria is investing 280 million euros to be one of the world leaders in research for artificial intelligence. For Prime Minister Söder, this is crucial so that Bavaria can remain competitive in the future.

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1. Digital lighthouse projects in Bavaria

At its meeting in the Technical University of Munich today, the Council of Ministers took far-reaching decisions for all regions of Bavaria on the topic of digitisation on the future.

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