Model program “Active generation-friendly community” in Weiherhammer

ALIA – agile living in old age

Innovation and responsibility are the defining concepts that characterize a new project in Weiherhammer: The municipality and the LUCE Foundation want to realize together the lighthouse project “Agil living in old age” (ALIA) with a retirement park. It is essential that the population is involved in the entire planning phase. The possibilities of digitization are being used. As cooperation partners, the Association for Mental Health in the age (SEGA e. V.) and experts from the scientific community are involved.

Lighthouse project ALIA

Often the lives of ageing people are marked by increasing need for help and later need for care. They depend on care from relatives. Often there is no option but to move to a care facility. It becomes clear what many peopleare experiencing: New approaches to counselling, support, care and care are needed to ensure the quality of life of older people and also carers.

Positive picture of age

Ageing today is colourful: That’s why we need as many offers as life plans. The aim is for the lives of older people to remain worth living. This can be achieved through the interaction of doctors, nursing services, neighbours, friends, family and carers. This requires support from politics and administration, as well as ensuring financial viability.

Innovation and responsibility partnership

The Lars and Christian Engel (LUCE) foundation therefore wants to sensitize and support the citizens of all generations, the committed and those responsible in the community (village 2.0) with ALIA. The aim is to develop its own vision of the future for a generation-friendly community. This will also implement the recommendations from the overall senior policy concept (SPGK) for the district of Neustadt in the coming years. To this end, suitable educational services for citizens, those in need of help, committed, caring relatives, healthcare providers are to be developed. What does all this have to do with digitization? This offers modern possibilities for all the projects that ALIA wants to implement. Examples include architectural planning or health care.

ALIA – By Other Way (lat.)

We want counselling, care and care to be secured. Whether at home or in the future senior park. We want to achieve this through new forms of work, organisation and cooperation with different providers of care facilities and other actors. This approach, too, is intended to engage in ALIA carers and young people in particular (Care 4.0).

Senior park with 14 000 square meters of space

Planning senior park

  • Basis: Concept SEGA e.V.
  • Citizens visit other institutions
  • Sustainable financing- and operator model
  • Model development from visits to existing facilities
  • Involvement of the authorities
  • Architecture- and construction planning
  • Realization senior park

Residential and commercial buildings will be built on the 14,000 square metre site on the main street in Weiherhammer opposite the former Edeka market. This enables a good and safer-safe quality of life even in old age. Before planning and building, scientific knowledge and the experiences of other places must be combined with the ideas of the citizens. A first basic idea for this was created by SEGA (see Idea Cloud).

Living place

You help shape it! The procedure is not predetermined. All citizens can and should be able to help shape the planning and later life in the senior park. Their current age or need for help or care do not matter. Help shape it!

News about the ALIA project

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