Prototype for research, work and living in the digital future


With the establishment of the DENKWELT, a supercompany educational centre, which is unique in bavaria, is being created to network the various areas of education, from general education to academic education in the field of digitisation in eastern bavaria. The project is supported by the Bavarian State Government, which included it in its Bayern Digital II master plan.

The Science Park Weiherhammer, anchored in the LUCE foundation, is the cornerstone of the creative educational location DENKWELT – into the digitized world of the future, located on 24 hectares in Halmesricht, a district Weiden.

Idea and vision towards DENKWELT

Überbetriebliches Bildungszentrum in Ostbayern (ÜBZO) is developing into a think tank and Science Park as the basis for the DENKWELT.

The DENKWELT is to be understood as a cluster of innovation, a knowledge incubator, an infrastructureproject, that does not pursue commercial benefits and deals with the points of research, work and life in the digital future. Intertaced and realized in an experimental environment.

24 hectares in nature as a counterpoint to urbanization

LUCE foundation already holds surfaces for the DENKWELT

The area is understood as the basis for a new district of Weiden and is freely overplanable

Further steps and outlook – Vision 2024

The focus is now on creating and deepening relationships with stakeholders

In order to drive the implementation forward, concrete benefits for those involved need to be identified and presented.

Basic infrastructure and the desired ecosystem of the DENKWORLD must be developed

Urban planning thoughts will accompany the identity-building process

“With the field of artificial machine intelligence, we want to establish an absolute topic for the future in the region. We network the Technical University of Munich and the DENKWELT and create scientific quality on an equal footing. “

Government Statement Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder
(Source: Der neue Tag, Page 3, Issue 24.04.18)

Milestones of DENKWELT

  • 2016

    Founding LUCE foundation

  • 2017

    Admission to BAYERN DIGITAL II funding programme

  • 2018

    Kick-off meeting

  • 2024

    Vision 24


In September 2017, the DENKWELT will be officially included in the investment programme of Bavaria.

Kick-off Meeting – results

March 2018: Entrepreneurs, politicians and thought leaders pull together

The establishment of research institutes and business start-ups are placed in the foreground as the basis for the experimental environment of the DENKWELT